That’s us!

We, axunio Pharma (GmbH), have been distributing pharmaceuticals in our home market Germany, as well as in the UK, Scandinavia and the Netherlands since 2016.

« Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change. »

That’s us

A is for Alpha

Like the first letter of the Greek alphabet, axunio stands for (new) beginnings and innovative solutions & business ideas. In this context, we are the speedboat next to the big pharma steamers that reacts flexibly to challenges and reaches the destination quickly.

The patients as our centre of attention

The x should represent the patients as the central focus of everything we do. We have made a conscious decision to focus on niche indications and novel business models that offer special added value for consumers. At axunio, we live the philosophy of growing beyond the sole pursuit of profit and finding innovative ways to connect with our customers. For us, the person is in the centre of focus, not their disease.

Together we are strong

The unio stands for “holistic” and shows that with us no one is forgotten. A disease may not be a part of the majority, but it is still a part of the whole. That is why we stand by our patients and seek to provide the best possible access to a curative treatment for everyone.

About us

Our history and values

Our WHY is to recognise the person behind a disease and thereby, provide them with better access to medications.
First, we make medicines affordable with our generic products, thereby ensuring a solution for as many patients as possible worldwide.

Diseases for which there are still few affordable alternatives are particularly close to our hearts. Our products therefore focus primarily on therapeutic niches and rare diseases. We have made it our mission to uncover needs that have so far been overlooked and, in the spirit of holism, to include minorities and their special requirements. Because every person is worth having access to therapy!

To achieve these goals, we develop many of our medicines in our own research & development laboratories. In addition, we source some therapeutically important products from external partners.

In the distribution of our products, we follow the known distribution channels, while continuously questioning them and sometimes taking new and courageous paths. Only in this way, we can always guarantee the maximum added value for patients.

Continuous advancement is particularly important to me

For this reason, it is important to me that we take responsibility for our projects and grow with them. My expectation is that we do everything in our power to ensure that each of our “little plants” grows and flourishes in the best possible way.

We have great trust in each other and support each other. We regularly take the perspective of the other person – because respect is most important to us.

In our complex pharmaceutical environment – in which many regulations and guidelines must be respected – we always act in a focused and solution-oriented manner.

Instead of saying “it is not possible because…” we say “it would be possible if…”.

Ina Kühnemund

Management axunio